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A friend of mine mentioned his ankle would some turn when going down stairs swiftly. He usually would “catch” himself and there would be little pain. It has been more of a nuisance and concern that the roll might be more serious one of these times. I asked him if he’d ever had an ankle sprain. Indeed, some years ago he suffered a pretty bad sprain.

Not many people realize this, but an ankle sprain can actually will affect your ability to realize where the foot is in relation to the ground. The sprain usually loosens or tears ligaments which, if not treated, will allow the ankle to roll on occasion – causing discomfort, pain, and sometimes more injury. Physical therapy can help. Coordination exercises such as spelling out the alphabet and walking on the sides of the feet also strengthen the ankle. If surgery is required to “re-tie” the ligament, it can now be done through smaller incisions.

I assure you, not all of us humans are natural-born ballerinas. Some of us have clumsy moments because we don’t watch where we’re stepping or our weight is not centered. Rolling the ankle infrequently is not often a sign of trouble. However, if you find yourself rolling your ankle often, and especially if you’re had a prior injury, it could be a sign that you need to be evaluated. If you have this problem, I believe I can help you. Call my office for an appointment soon. 913 438 9898

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