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A recent patient presented with a history of repeated ankle sprains on her left foot. The ankle tends to “give out” from under her, especially going down stairs. Now she favors the foot in gait with pain.

A bad sprain leaves the ankle “unchecked”, abnormal motion can lead to spurs and loss of cartilage. This patient’s ankle was worn with significant cartilage loss, leading to a possible fusion or ankle replacement. Early intervention is important.

An unstable ankle can be controlled with an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO), and physical therapy. If the ankle continues to give out, the ligament can be repaired as an outpatient procedure. New “internal braces” are now available to improve results and allow full return to sports.

If I can help you, and for more information, please contact our office for an appointment. An X-ray checks the wear of the ankle and options are reviewed.

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