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Heel Pain

Overland, KS Heel Pain

sportinjuryDo you have heel pain upon getting out of bed or getting up out of a chair? Welcome to the middle age club. At least that’s how common heel pain is in our practice. Sure, runners doing 100 miles a week can get it, but more commonly it’s that age issue.
The common diagnosis is plantar fasciitis.  It’s like a stone bruise you might have had as a child. You expect it should go away in a month or two. When it doesn’t, pills, ice, walking differently, stretching, taping, and cortisone shots may all be tried. The majority of the time, these sorts of conservative treatment work.
I had heel pain in my early forties. It went away in about eight weeks with my own conservative therapy. I did use a pair of custom orthotics (shoe inserts) and I walked deliberately through the great toe. That helps restore the arch and take the strain off the plantar fascia. Heel pain can recur and, in my case, it did a few years later. The second time I endured the pain for about three months, again with the use of orthotics and gait training.
A cortisone shot does work, and I recommend it only after other conservative measures fail. Multiple cortisone shots wither away your fat pad and should be avoided. Sometimes “nerve” shots to are used. PRP stem cell shots or shock wave therapy are also an option. The good news is that the usual conservative therapies work. Only 10% or so of the cases a surgical procedure may be required.
Plantar fasciitis that does not respond to conservative treatment is often resolved by lengthening the fascia surgically. This can be done with a small endoscopic incision to release some of the tight fibers. Recovery from this procedure worked best using a cast after the treatment for 3-4 weeks.
Conservative treatment is multi-focal, meaning it arises from different causes which determine treatment options. We begin with conservative solutions, but always seeks the treatment that give you the relief you require.
If your heel pain has been going on more than a month, please call our office now for an appointment. 913-438-9898.

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