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Running or walking any long distance will subject one to blisters. Preventative measures include double layered socks (e.g. Wright brand) and various foot lubricants. A lot of athletes like “Bodyglide”. It’s like a roll on deodorant and is easy to carry. Bodyglide works well in other friction areas: under the arms, thighs, etc. And you can carry Bodyglide through airport security. My personal preference is ordinary vaseline, but I carry it in less than 3 ozs. when flying. I slather it on the forefoot and toes especially, but also use it under the arms and thighs as well. Once you develop a blister, using clean instruments you’ll want to make a hole large enough to drain the fluid and then apply antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Some foot prblems such as bunions and hammertoes are particularly prone to blisters and calluses. For more infomation please contact our office.

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